Top 8 Reasons to Move to Kansas City

March 18, 2022 PickwickPlaza

Top 8 Reasons to Move to Kansas City

So you are thinking about moving to the “Paris of the Plains”!

Kansas City is a renowned hub of midwestern culture, and rightfully so. The convenience of a big city is around every corner, while still maintaining that small town home-y warmth. If you need further convincing that you are making the right decision, may we remind you that KCMO offers:

  1. Lots of History and Fantastic Museums – Learn about the rich history of Kansas City and enjoy some of the first-class museums throughout the city. Not to mention, the Kansas City Museum offers free general admission!
  2. The Best BBQ in the country – You will find there are many arguments throughout the nation around which region crafts the most delicious, smoky, delicacy known as Barbeque. For once and for all, we’ll tell you, without debate: Kansas City wins. If you don’t believe us, come try for yourself.
  3. Football with a side of Passion – Win or lose, year round, Kansas Citians plan their lives around the upcoming (or past, or current!) football season. Doesn’t matter where the Chiefs currently stand in the league… They are always #1.
  4. A Vibrant Art District – Don’t visit this area of Kansas City if you do not want to be inspired or impressed. There is lots to do, see, taste, absorb, and enjoy in this area of Kansas City. A great way to spend a weekend (or every First Friday)
  5. Beautiful Parks – One in particular, Loose Park, is a favorite of many locals. This expansive park is a great place to unwind after work on a weekday or have an afternoon picnic on the weekend.
  6. A Very Pet Friendly Environment – Many folks from California and beyond have commented on just how friendly Kansas City really is. We even have a bar for dogs, for crying out loud! Check out BarK when you’re in town for a fun time for you, your friends, and most importantly, your pup!
  7. Free Public Transportation – Namely, the Street Car. Hop around the downtown area for free on the Street Car. Buses are also spread throughout the city for use to pick up where the Street Car does not reach.
  8. Plenty To Do – Hot Country Nights, Midland Theatre, Uptown, Folly, etc. There are tons of theaters, events, festivals, parties, and so much more to do in Kansas City.

Regardless if you are moving for a temporary work assignment or looking to relocate for the long term, you should enjoy your time in Kansas City, Missouri. And hey, if you’re looking for the best place to live, we’ve got you covered! 😉


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