How To Move

February 9, 2022 PickwickPlaza

How To Move

If you have moved before, you probably know how undesirable it is to put your whole life into boxes, move them somewhere and unpack. If you are one of the lucky ones that hasn’t had to relocate, but now you are faced with the arduous task of moving, then this is for you.

Whether you are military going to a new assignment or moving out of your parents house for the first time, this article will give you a good starting place.

  1. Where are we going? – The first step is to find your new home & prioritize your necessities. (This is usually the fun part!) Do you really need a patio? Do you want a smart apartment or a modern home? Do you want an indoor pool so you can swim year round? Or do you need a massive fitness center? Is bang for your buck the biggest factor for you? Figure out what you are looking for and then shop, shop, shop! We recommend not touring more than 2 communities in a single day and seeing no more than 3 floor plans per tour. It is very easy to get confused and stuck in analysis paralysis. This is why it is super important to know what you are really looking for before you set up a tour.
  2. Pack, Pack, Pack it up! – Once you lock down your lease and you set your move in date, time to pack. This is everyone’s favorite part (or not). Get your cardboard boxes or plastic totes ready and pack up room by room. Pro tip- take the items you use daily and set them aside. Pack everything else and label the boxes. Take your daily items in luggage or suitcases when you move. This will help you avoid late night digging through boxes later.
  3. Timing is everything – knock out your timeline of moving day. What time are you getting the truck? (Or are you hiring movers? Definitely recommend if funds allow) what time will you load the truck, how long is the drive, and how long do you need to unload? Don’t forget to work in time for meals and return trips to drop off the rental truck. Pro tip: this step can be avoided if you sell or dispose of everything you own and buy or rent furniture at your new location.
  4. Say “NO” to unpacked boxes – It is very easy to be sucked into the idea of “Well all my stuff is here, I can put it away when I have time.” Don’t do this. You’ll never have time if you put it off. You are likely already exhausted and “in the zone” so go ahead and capitalize on this energy. Make decisions, even if they are wrong. Unpack, put things away, and assign a new “home” to your items until everything is put away. You can always reorganize later. Doing this now will prevent living next to unpacked boxes for 3 months (speaking from experience).

This may be an over-simplified article, but this is a solid outline of how to move your home from one place to another. Just like anything else, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. If you play your cards right, you will never actually be an “expert” at moving though.


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